Freebird 50.3

Fast and precise navigation with a power-efficient 500MHz processor. The system comes with a 5-inch screen, built-in 128MB RAM and 4GB flash memory.

GPS receiver

The built-in, very sensitive multi-channel GPS receiver provides high accuracy, fast satellite signal reception and improved signal maintenance, which means that you can start your journey faster and it will proceed without interruption.
The GPS module leads the driver unerringly even in difficult areas, such as, for example, city centres, mountains or woodlands.

Multimedia functions

Audio and video file player
Reading of text documents (E-Book function)
Built-in graphic file browser

5-inch touch screen

A very large, clear and touch sensitive screen allows the route you move along to be controlled very comfortably.

FM transmitter

Radio transmitter, which allows navigation messages and music to be played through the car’s audio system.

microSD memory card slot

Ideal place to install an extra map or add more multimedia files
  • Built-in 20-channel GPS module
  • Highly sensitive GPS receiver perfoms great even in difficult
  • environmental conditions. It will always locate your position
  • easily, quickly acquire satellites? signal and keep it steadily
  • through the whole journey. The new CPU used in the device
  • facilitates the route calculation process so that you can start
  • your journey quicker
  • FM Transmitter
  • Thanks to the FM transmitter the sound from the GPS device (music
  • or voice commands) is played through an FM broadcast band
  • frequency. Hence the voice commands or music can be listened to
  • through your car stereo which ensures better sound quality. Music
  • can be played while the navigation software is in use: the device will
  • mute the music for the moment when a voice command is uttered.
  • Large, bright and clear touch screen
  • 5? LCD touch screen
  • Screen resolution 480×272 pixels
  • Multimedia functions
  • Easy, intuitive navigation
  • Voice prompted navigation
  • Multi-language menu
  • Video files playback (wmv)
  • Audio files playback (wma)
  • Pictures (JPEG) playback
  • E-Book function (text files playback)
  • Features
  • CPU 500MHz
  • Memory 128MB SDRAM
  • Built-in memory flash 4GB
  • Built-in speaker 1.5W
  • microSD card slot
  • USB 2.0
  • Audio output ? mini jack
  • Li-ion built-in battery
  • Operating system WIN CE 6.0 CORE OS
  • GPS Navigation System