Freebird 50.7HD-DVBT


The 50.7HD-DVBT device is equipped with a large and clear 5-inch LCD. Thanks to its high resolution – 800x480 pixels, the screen shows a significantly bigger fragment of the map. It facilitates the sense of direction and allows you to quickly figure out how the navigation is going to lead you to the point of destination. In addition, this screen allows you to discern many more essential details (POIs, building numbers, manoeuvres etc.) on the outlined route. It is worth emphasising that this resolution is twice as big as the one used in other devices of the same class. Each map is displayed in unparalleled quality. Additionally, the higher resolution makes watching films and photos much more enjoyable.

  • 70 minutes of watching TV without external power supply
  • 120 minutes of navigation software operation without external power supply

GPS receiver with high-definition 5-inch screen, equipped with unique Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T MPEG4) functionality, a fast latest-generation processor and high-capacity RAM to provide the smooth and quick operation of navigation applications. The 50.7HD-DVBT is a true revolution in multimedia functionalities of portable navigation devices. The extremely thin and elegant case houses an abundance of possibilities: from playing music and video files to the reception of digital TV channels.

An ideal device for your holiday trips, travelling with children, open-air weekends and business trips. It will not only always lead you to the destination, but also provide constant access to news and entertainment wherever a digital TV signal is already available, which will soon cover the entire area of Poland.

GPS receiver

The built-in, very sensitive multi-channel GPS receiver provides high accuracy, fast satellite signal reception and improved signal maintenance, which means that you can start your journey faster and it will proceed without interruption.
The GPS module leads the driver unerringly even in difficult areas, such as, for example, city centres, mountains or woodlands.

Multimedia functions

Audio and video file player Reading out text documents (E-Book function)
Built-in graphic file browser

128MB RAM i 4GB NAND flash

This device also has a built-in 4GB flash memory, which is sufficient for the installation and efficient operation of most digital maps, and as much as 128MB RAM (64MB as standard), which provides faster operation of the device and has an influence on the user's comfort

5-inch touch screen

A very large, clear and touch sensitive screen allows the route you move along to be controlled very comfortably

FM transmitter

Radio transmitter, which enables navigation messages and music to be played through the car’s audio system

microSD memory card slot

Ideal place to install an extra map or add more multimedia files
  • Built-in 20-channelGPSmodule
  • E-Book function (text files playback)
  • CPU Atlas V ARM11 500MHz
  • Memory 128MB SDRAM
  • FMTransmitter
  • Multimedia functions
  • Features
  • Built-in memory flash 2GB
  • Built-in speaker 1.5W
  • MicroSD card slot
  • USB 2.0
  • Audio output: Mini jack
  • Li-ion built-in battery
  • Operating system WIN CE 6.0 CORE OS
  • 5 inch diagonal bright HD Screen 5
  • Screen quality 800 x 480 pikseli
  • Operating system WINCE 6.0
  • Processor 500MHz
  • Built-in GPS location
  • Memory:128 MB Ram
  • 4 GB built-in flash memory
  • Expanded memory via microSD up to 32 GB
  • Built-in speaker: 1,5W
  • Power: li-ion battery
  • Strenght: 1,5W
  • Dimensions: 134mm x 82mm x 13mm
  • Weight: ~ 196g